दहाणु ची महालक्ष्मी मन्दिर

jai mata Mahalaxmi Dahanu chi Mahalxmi is the famous in the konkan region & south Gujaarat region? peoples beleve that the goddess Mata Mahalaxmi use to halt here during her visit to Gujarat from Kolhapur….so this place has old history ..(from 1001 AD) here there are tow temples on at the willage Vivalwedhe (but famously known as Mahalxmi), & other at mountain..(known as Mahalxmi gadh) here all puja function are perform by ….(at Mahalxmi mandir- Satvi parivar & at Mahalxmi gadh- Bolade Pariwar) during the Hanuman jayanti here is the biggest function perform every year. known as Mahalxmi chi yaatra… is for 15 days..is only the biggest Event in the dahanu. region..many peoples from parts of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Daman & Diu, Dadara Nagar Haveli, are visting this place.
The main temple is at the mountain nearby about 3-4 kilometres. Mahalakshmi is the `kuldaivata` (patron God of a Hindu household) of tribals, so during the festivity period, the tribals arrange `taarpa` dance for their revelry. Every year a festival is held called Mahalakshmi Yatra for 15 days starting from Hanuman Jayanti. The administrative role is played by the trustee board Satvi Parivar, playing a significant role.
Here in Dahanu, there are two temples of Goddess Mahalaxmi. One is situated on National Highway Eight (NH-8) at Charoti Naka, and other the main one is situated on the mountain called Mahalaxmi Hill nearby about 3 to 4 kilometers. The Goddess Mahalaxmi is the family deity of tribes, so during the festive period, the tribals arrange taarpa dance for their revelry. Every year a festival is held here called ‘Mahalaxmi Yatra’ for fifteen days starting from Hanuman Jayanti. The administrative role is played by the trustee board (Mahalaxmi Mandir Charoti Naka – Satvi Family, Mahalaxmi Mandir at Mahalaxmi Hill – Bolade Family).
How to reach the Dahanu Mahalaxmi Temple.
Share Auto Rickshaws are available from Dahanu Road Railway Station to Charoti Naka. and Charoti Naka to the Mahalaxmi Temple.
How to reach the Dahanu Mahalaxmi Yatra.
Share Auto Rickshaws are available and Est bus Services. Dahanu Station To Mahalaxmi Temple.15 Days..
Dahanu is a coastal town and a municipal council in Palghar district of Maharashtra state in Konkan division. It is located 110 km from Mumbai city
Dahanu is located 65 km north of Virar on the Western Railway line of Mumbai Suburban Railway. It can be reached from National Highway NH-8, 24 km off from Charoti Naka. It is 22 km North of Boisar on the Western Railway line. Nearby Sai temple is located in Narpad. Also famous for Mahalaxmi Temple located just 4 km from Charoti. The name “Dahanu Gaon” originates from the word “Dhenu Gram” meaning the village of cows. A lot of cattle, particularly cows were owned by the people in Dahanu. Today, Dahanu has become a major commercial and industrial town in the Palghar district. It is well known for rose gardens, coconut groves and the chickoo fruit and aer 35% of Maharashtra’s chickoo production. Rubber balloons, rice mills and manufactured goods, are major manufacturing products which are produced in Dahanu. There is also a 2x250MW power plant that supplies electricity to Mumbai. The electricity is distributed by Reliance Energy. Dahanu, a peaceful seaside town with a sprawling, uncluttered beach. The Dahanu-Bordi stretch is 17 km. Irani settlers, an down to earth people started cultivating chickoo in Dahanu and hence first to cultivate chickoo in Dahanu. Dahanu is lined with fruit orchards and is favored for its chickoo fruit.Lycees is also grown and exported from Gholwad. Accessible from Dahanu is Udwada—a significant place of worship for the Zoroastrians—with a large, nifty temple that houses their sacred fire. This fire has been kept alive for almost a thousand years.
Earlier Dahanu was also famous for Tadi(palm tree juice) business which was controlled by Shinwar Jogi Kadu,his brother Bangya Jogi Kadu and their family . They are one of the richest family in the town with other Iranians at that time.
Dahanu is governed by Dahanu Municipal Council which is responsible for all the civic infrastructure and administration of the town. Mrs. Ramila Manoj Patil is the current president of the Dahanu Municipal Council and its chief officer is Mr. Vinod Dawle.
Dahanu is an ancient town with a long history. It was settled probably as early as 500 CE. Some records show possible settlement as early as 150 BC. The prominent tribes in the area whose names are unknown (dravidian tribes) were displaced by Aryan Tribes. The Warli tribe is among these first semi Aryan tribes. They seem to have accepted a minority of Dravid tribes into their community. The reasons for nomadic lifestyle are unknown. All these developments are before 100 CE and are in reference to Dahanu area rather than dahanu village.
Later the village was settled. Soon it attracted many other communities like Tribals, Gujrathis, and CKP community. Later the Zoroastrians arrived too. It was frequented by Arab travellers. By the 1490s The Portuguese established their influence on the region. The region was under De Facto control of Portuguese from circa 1495 to 1540. Before this it was under weak administration of Sultan of Gujarat. The Maratha Conquest of Thane and Vasai caused great damage to their influence well as dominance over the region. The Inquisition established at Goa and other Portuguese Colonies fueled this change of power. During their reign Portuguese built a small church to convert people to Christianity. This plan backfired and caused great discontent among people. The church fell in ruins and was destroyed before 1940.
Dahanu enjoyed good treatment from Marathas and relatively low taxes. In 1818, with fall of Maratha Empire, it went under British rule. An unnamed officer was assassinated in the town by villagers over some dispute in the 1870s. Its details are unknown. The town became a part of Independent India after its Struggle for Independence. After the Sanyukta Maharashtra Movement the Dahanu Taluka along with Talasari Taluka and Mumbai city became a part of Maharashtra state on 1 May 1960.

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