‘kesariya’ Holi in UP, says Modi

Uttar Pradesh elections 2017: Will celebrate ‘kesariya’ Holi in UP, says PM Narendra Modi in Gonda rally

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Expressing confidence about BJP’s victory in the UP assembly elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Friday said “we will celebrate kesariya (saffron) Holi in the state”. He also said loan waiver of farmers would be BJP’s first priority upon coming to power in the state. Claiming that the Samajwadi Party-led Akhilesh Yadav government has done “injustice” to farmers, Modi, during his campaign stopover at Gonda, questioned why has the state government capped insurance for farmers at 14 per cent. In a jibe at Akhilesh’s foreign education, Modi said the Yadav clan is not concerned about the plight of the poor people of Gonda as it has moved ahead to Australia.
Modi also spoke about the recent train accident near Kanpur and said findings showed it was a conspiracy and the conspirators carried it out sitting across the border. “Kanpur rail accident in which hundreds were killed was a conspiracy and conspirators carried it out sitting across the border…Gonda is adjoining Nepal…if the cross-border foes want to carry out their work, is it not necessary that more vigil is maintained in Gonda?” Modi posed.
Invoking Lord Shiva, PM Modi said people, with their third eye, can see what is good for them and what is not. “The poorest of the poor can detect truth. Since I took stern steps against corruption and banned notes, big forces are out to mislead the country,” he said. Talking about the recent elections, PM Modi said BJP has fared well in all elections held post-demonetisation, whether it were the civic polls in Odisha, Maharashtra or Chandigarh or the panchayat polls.
Touching on the armed forces, the PM said the UPA is clueless about the One Rank One Pension (OROP) issue and even made fun of the Army. He said the BJP would go all out to realise the dreams of former prime minister Atal Behari Vajpayee.

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