सरकारी उपक्रमों को बेचकर लाएंगे अच्छे दिन?; नेशनल पैंथर्स

Young Panthers seek arrest of BJP MLA in corruption, criminal charges #Memorandum to CM through DIG Udhampur 

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एअर इंडिया जैसे सरकारी उपक्रमों को बेचकर लाएंगे अच्छे दिन, मगर आएंगे नहीं अच्छे दिन
दिल्ली प्रदेश नेशनल पैंथर्स पार्टी के वरिष्ठ नेता राजीव जौली खोसला ने मोदी सरकार की कड़े शब्दों में आलोचना करते हुए कहा कि सŸाा में आने से पहले हर भारतीय के एकाउंट में 15-15 लाख रुपये आने का जुमला पेश किया था और अब एअर इंडिया को कौडि़यों के दाम बेचकर अच्छे दिन लाने की कोशिश कर रहे हैं, मगर मोदी सरकार की नीयत और नीति साफ नहीं है, इसलिए भारत की जनता के कभी अच्छे दिन सŸााधारियों की बदौलत नहीं आ सकते। अटल बिहारी वाजपेयी की सरकार के वक्त भी भारत के फाइव स्टार होटलों को कौडि़यों के दाम बेच दिया था, वे होटल आज चौगुनी तरक्की पर हैं, ऐसा ही एअर इंडिया के साथ होगा, निजीकरण होते ही यह भी चौगुनी तरक्की कर लेगी। देश में एअर इंडिया के पास 140 विमानों का सबसे बड़ा बेड़ा है, यह करीब 41 अन्तर्राष्ट्रीय और 72 घरेलू मार्गों में अपनी सेवाएं देती है। दुर्भाग्य की बात यह है कि सरकारी इतना बड़ा बेड़ा होने के बावजूद घाटे में चल रही है, जबकि घरेलू मार्गों पर स्पाइस जेट, इंडिगो, गो एअरलाइन्सों से ज्यादा किराया एअर इंडिया का है, मगर फिर भी घाटे में चल रही है, क्योंकि सरकारी मशीनरी दुरुपयोग करने वाले बहुत हैं। पुरानी कहावत है कि जब बाड़ ही खेत हो खाएगी तो खेत का कया बचेगा। यह कहावत एअर इंडिया पर सत्य हो रही है। पैंथर्स पार्टी मांग करती है कि 60 दिनों के लिए एअर इंडिया का कार्यभार हमारे ऊपर छोड़ दें, फिर देखों कैसे एअर इंडिया के जहाज रनवे पर दिन दुगनी और रात चौगनी तरक्की करेंगे।

Memorandum to CM through DIG Udhampur

Young Panthers seek arrest of BJP MLA in corruption, criminal charges

Udhampur, 30-06-2017: Launching a vitriolic attack on BJP MLA RS Pathania for his criminal conduct and corrupt deeds, a delegation of young Panthers today submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister through DIG Udhampur seeking immediate arrest of the delinquent MLA. The delegation comprising Jagdev Singh Jagga District President Udhampur Young Panthers, Pushpinder Singh and Tanantar Singh senior Youth leaders besides others further apprised the DIG Udhampur-Reasi range about the huge pendency of criminal and corruption complaints against the “notorious MLA” RS Pathania who was being given undue protection by the administration in view of his being a BJP MLA. Law should be uniformly applied to all without any distinction or favour on the grounds of position held by a person, said Mr. Jagga while seeking action against Mr. Pathania adding further that the mischievous MLA qualified as a criminal in view of dozens of complaints pending against him.
Pointing towards the highly opprobrious conduct of Mr. RS Pathania, the Young Panthers delegation headed by Mr. Jagga said that the criminal minded MLA was hell bent to breed tension, foster acrimony and cause dis-order in Ramnagar by his extremely culpable conduct. Mr. Jagga said that the notorious MLA was well known for hooliganistic form of politics, attacking workers of opposition parties, harassing and intimidating govt employees besides extorting huge amounts from them in the name of transfers and using physical force to browbeat the inconvenient social activists and employees besides abusing his position and authority as MLA to extract undue favours from govt employees.
Mr. Tanantar Singh senior Youth Panthers leader while questioning the sudden and overnight rise of Mr. RS Pathania from rags to riches after becoming MLA called for high level probe into the property accumulated by him in a short duration of two years. He said that before becoming BJP MLA, the said RS Pathania had been accused by his own congress colleagues of duping the innocent unemployed youth in the name of providing them govt Jobs. Even during the elections and after switching loyalties to BJP, the said RS Pathania used to say that he had only Rs. 15000/- as his total assets, he revealed. But it was strange, said Tanantar Singh that the said RS Pathania raised a huge palatial building at Kail Majalta besides acquisition of huge property at Jammu within a year of his becoming MLA. He said that people of the village as well the entire district were amazed to find a complete transformation rather metamorphosis in the life style of Mr. RS Pathania who lived in a small Kachha house before elections but switched over to a luxurious life style after becoming MLA with a huge residential mansion and all modern amenities at his new residence. He further revealed that state land measuring 22 kanals and 15 marlas was found to be in illegal possession of Mr. RS Pathania and his family in Kail Majalta as per the reply obtained through RTI. He further asked Mr. RS Pathania to come clear on the huge deoder timber used by him for the construction of his newly constructed residential mansion with huge public cry and complaints of smuggling of such conifer wood by him. He further said that RTI replies from Agriculture and Horticulture Deptt revealed that he had withdrawn subsides from the said Deptts notwithstanding that such subsides are meant for poor, BPL families. He said that Mr. RS Pathania had earned the most dubious destruction in history by with draining the besides and incentives from both Agriculture and Horticulture Deptts at the cost of the poor and, the BJP families. He said that Panthers party is in-possession of material showing that the said MLA has been charging huge amounts from govt employees for effecting their transfers besides other shoddy doings of the said MLA and sought high level probe at the earliest.
Mr. Pushpinder Singh strongly condemned the assault on a school teacher of Basantgarh in Class-room by the armed gunmen of BJP MLA in full view of the students. He accused the concerned authorities of trying to cover up the matter in a bid to shield the criminal conduct of the said MLA. He said that even the workers of JKNPP were being harassed by Police at the behest of the rowdy MLA. He regretted that even Deputy Commissioner Udhampur was being openly used by the corrupt BJP leaders particularly the MLA Ramnagar to settle scores with the JKNPP leaders. Calling upon officers of District Udhampur to rise above bias and prejudice, he said that all officers needed to respect the civil service rules and regulations and maintain impartiality in administrative functioning.
Prominent among those who comprised the JKNPP delegation included Adv. Mahadeep, Kapoor Raja, Baldev Singh, Kuldeep Singh, K.C Sharma, Prem Bhagat, Sushil Sharma besides others.

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